• Mitigate Drug Incompatibility

    Infusion Route In Sequence

    A drug regime that is already prepared in each infusion bag should not be mixed with other infusion bags.

    They should be given in sequence and separated by a neutral fluid such as Saline or Glucose.

  • Sequential Infusion

    Neutral - Drug - Neutral - Drug - Neutral etc.


    Drug Incompatability

    IV set with multiple Y-sites and access ports allows concurrent infusion that allows mixture of the drugs with risk of drug incompatibility with potential adverse effect.

    - SOLUTION -

    With IRIS stopcock a sequential infusion is easy administrated due to the design of the multi inlet stopcock. The turnvalve can only allow one of the 6 side ports administered at one time.


    Optimize Drug effect

    There are drugs that benefit from a sequential drug administration. The drug effect can be optimized with IRIS stopcock.


    Eliminate Shared Volume

    Shared volume is the volume between the Vascular access device and the access port on the infusion line. If the subsequent drug is incompatible with the previous drug they should not have any shared volume. Another accessport should be use. IRIS stopcock have up to 6 access port without shared volume.