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  • The CYTO360 IV-set

    IV -set on the market today allows unintentional mixing of drug fluids when secondary infusions accidentally are administrating in parallel.

    The "CYTO360 medical stopcock" is a multigang manifold in turn-valve configuration. Forcing multiple secondary infusions to be administered in series.

    Administration error

    Mission: Risk prevention of IV -set with a fail-safe design

    Human factors


    Administration error related to open and closing drug flow to the patient probably follow the same error rate as standardized by human factors experts. Humans make 1 error per 100 actions. Administration errors occur probably more often then we think. If your IV -set allows more then one drug flow to the patient then it is likely that administration errors happens daily already with your IV -set or stopcock arrangements (multigang manifolds).



    "My innovation CYTO360 is probably a direct result of my interests in human factors and seeing the problem in a different way. As an airline pilot you are always making mistakes, because they are so many mistakes to be done. And so it is for all workplaces not least at a hospital. Whenever possible we must have fail-safe infusion system to catch these errors" - Micael Törnblom

    Continues drug incompatibility

    Mission: Reduce the risk of mixing drugs when administrating infusion



    Most infusion treatments never require multiple drug infusion at the same time. In fact there is a great risk with unintentionally mixing drugs. It is called “drug incompatibility” and can cause a cocktail effect, with enhanced or reduced effect of the drug or even a new compound can form with no knowledge of its effect.



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    The CYTO360 medical stopcock by CYTO365 AB has been awarded 1st price of Venturecup and nominated to Alfred Nobel SKAPA stiftelse 2012.

    In cooperation with AWA Patent, ALMI and proved trackrecord with one of the world largest medtech company.

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