The medical stopcock manifold that prevent mixing of drugs

01Avoid Drug mixing

By design, potential life-threating drug mixing within infusion therapy is avoided

02Safer handling

Connect to the inlets and leave connected to reduce risk of exposure for the nurse

03Shared Awareness

The RondelO™ handle clearly indicates which Drug is activated

RondelO™ avoid infusion therapy drugs accidentally being mixed and combats drug incompatibility by design, and it is the only physical device that adds an extra layer of safety for the nurse to do right. Only one of the drugs connected to the Luer inlets can flow to the patient at the same time. Furthermore flushing fluid is always available, to be used to separate drugs from mixing and rinsing the tube further down the line. 

RondelO™ - combat drug
incompatibility by design

Sequential infusion with RondelO™ made easy

  • Single Drug administration
  • Flushing fluid always available in all positions

Further advantages for example of an IV-set EU/ROW

  • achieve a sequence by controlling a clamp on the primary flushing fluid
  • flushing fluid can be protected with a Back Check Valve
  • no need for Back Check Valves secondary lines
  • refilling of drip chamber is made easy by expel air out through a secondary line

Further advantages for an example of an IV-set in the US

  • achieve a sequence by using different head height pressure where the secondary infusion is located higher than the primary fluid
  • back priming of secondary lines
  • automatic flushing take-over when remain in same position or use a dedicated flushing only position in between secondary drug adminstrations

- aid nurses to do right

RondelO™ is sold as a Component, not as a Final Device and not as a Replacement part, and as such does not hold a CE-mark or a FDA 510 (k).

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