Features and standards

RondelO™-2FLL has two Female Luer Lock. Both Luers are compliant with ISO 80369-7. The RondelO™-2FLL is easy integrated into an IV-set using the tubing connectors that fits infusion tubing with ID 3.0 OD 4.1 mm. 


  • ON-handle that visually confirms the position with a haptic “Click” in each Drug and Flushing position.
  • Eliminates parallel flow of drugs connected to the Luer inlets 
  • Dedicated Flushing position in between each Drug position
  • Flushing fluid available in each Drug position for Back priming and Automatic Flushing take over
  • Zero dead space as flushing fluid rinse the internal volume
  • Aid nurses to do right

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RondelO™ is sold as a Component, not as a Final Device and not as a Replacement part, and as such does not hold a CE-mark or a FDA 510 (k).

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